Nags Head 5-09 Panorama

Posted in Nags Head, panorama on June 1st, 2009 by Mo

Nags Head 5-09 Mirrrorball

Nags Head 5-09 Pano Mirrorball.

Click on the image to open a “.mov” pano file of the beach at the Outer Banks Beach Club. In the pano are a red bi-plane, two fishing piers, a kite and the moon.

This was a beautiful cloudless day!

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South Lynchburg from Candlers Mountain

Posted in Lynchburg, panorama, VA on February 10th, 2009 by Mo

South Lynchburg Jan 21 2009 PanoSouth Lynchburg from Candlers Mountain range at mid afternoon on Jan 21 2009 . COLD …! The airport is on the left and downtown is around the corner on the right. The Peaks of Otter and Flat Top Mountains of the Blue Ridge Mountain range can be seen to the west

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VIR Turn 5 Pano

Posted in Flagging, panorama, Racin, VIR on February 5th, 2009 by Mo

Turn 5 at VIR. This station is a great place to see the front straight into Turn 1 from Start/Finish, thru Turn 3 & 4 … all the way to the “Bridge”. The “Lodge” can be seen to the left of the station.

<Click on the pic to open a new window with the interactive pano>

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