VIR Oak Tree Flag Station Mirrorball

Posted in Design, panorama, VIR on May 2nd, 2009 by Mo


Something a little different.

This is a mirrorball image of the Flag Station at Oak Tree (Turn 11) at VIR.

This is what the bugs see …

I had to crawl out on the limb to get this pic 😉

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VIR Oak Tree Flag Station Pano

Posted in Flagging, panorama, Racin, VIR on May 1st, 2009 by Mo
VIR Oak Tree Flag Station

A 360° x 180° panorama of the flag station at Oak Tree (Turn 11) at VIR. The Oak Tree is the “signature image” of VIR. With their back to the front right fender of the cars rounding the turn, the Flagger watches incoming traffic from Turn 10 on the right and outgoing traffic to Turn 12 on the left, past the South Paddock. A great place to watch the racin’. The stands outside the fencing, is a favorite of spectators and many photographers lurk inside the fencing. This pic was taken the weekend of the April 2009 Rolex race.

<Click on the pic to open a new window with the interactive pano>

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