Run-Offs 09 – Rd America T6, 7 & 8

Posted in Flagging, panorama, Racin, Rd America, SCCA on November 11th, 2009 by Mo

Turns 6 thru 8The 2009 SCCA Run-Offs at Rd. America.

Thursday 09-24-09, Turns 6, 7 & 8 shot from Driver’s Right, beneath the huge leader board.

This is a great viewing location. Cars are prone to end up in the sand traps at Turn 6 (Driver’s right), Turn 7 (Driver’s Left), if they make it thru those turns, Turn 8 has a great wide run-off area that leads into an unforgiving sand trap (Driver’s Right).

This complex of turns will definitely get one’s attention.

** Click on the Mirrorball to see a 360 x 180 Pano of the turn **