Nightfall at VIR’s Grid Barn

Nightfall at the Grid barn

This was shot in the dark, from the rear of my camper. The “Covered Grid” is on the right. Drivers waiting to be released to the track are gridded beneath the “roof” (good in the sun or rain!).

The “Grid Barn” is the structure on the left. This building is a restroom with showers attached to the outside wall. This was the first “Flag Shack” the SCCA and the track workers used to store and dispense equipment from (radios and flags) to the Flaggers. As all the other structures at VIR, the Grid Barn is built in a rustic style with exposed beams and naturally finished lumber and timbers. The upper floor is now “living quarters” for VIPs … sweet …

Drivers paddock (park their cars & “rigs”) in the area this is shot from and to the right.  Turn 17 (the final Turn) is just over the hill and the front straight is to the far right.

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