This page is an effort to recommend to road racing sanctioning bodies that they consider a SINGLE FLAG to indicate that the course is under FULL COURSE YELLOW, in lieu of displaying two flags simultaneously.

Recommendation: A single flag, to indicate
the course is FULL COURSE YELLOW.
These illustrations show a full course yellow
indicated by a SINGLE yellow flag with a
3" to 4" verticle black stripe added.
Double Yellow Alternative
This provides the ability for a single flagger
to display the Full Course Yellow flag and
indicate their sector of the track has Debris
or a White Flag, or all three flags.
Double Yellow Alternative w/ White & Debris
provides the ability to also signal that
an incident is either on or off course,
in your sector.
Double Yellow Alternative w/ Yellows & Debris
Having to display two yellow flags simultaneously:
  • Allows the two yellow flags to be shown inconsistently (displayed separated or together).
  • Limits the other flags that can be effectively displayed.
  • Hampers the ability to use radio/communicating devises.
  • Tastes badly, if four flags are required!
Double Yellow Alternative w/ Yellows & Debris

In order to effect changes to the SCCA "General Competition Rules (GCRs), you must send YOUR comments and recommendations to the Competition Board, or the Flagging & Communications National Adminstrator , or better still BOTH.